Deep Draw Stamping

We offer deep draw and unusual formed parts and components of most any material, through hydroforming and other methods. Achieving greater depth and diameter sometimes needed for your specifications. Manufacturing and creating unusual unique forms while holding tight tolerance to your exact requirements.

There are many shapes that can be made through deep drawing such as, hoppers, enclosures, cups, covers, cylinders, cones, domes and hemispheres, squares, rounds, rectangles as well as asymmetrical shaped products.

Metals offered in Deep Draw Stamping:
Titanium, aluminum, stainless, steel, inconels, copper, brass, bronze, nickel alloys, tantalum, columbium, carbon steel, high tensile, heat resistant alloys.

Capabilities for Deep Drawn Stampings:
  • Deep Drawing to 24” depth
  • Deep Draw Thickness: up to ¼ inch
  • Close Tolerance Work to +/- .002
  • Prototypes
  • Any Form or Shape
  • Any type of Metal
  • Complete Tooling In House
  • Full Service Machining Facilities
Our full range of services metal spinning, hydroforming, and tooling offer 100% on-time delivery, competitive cost and quality products made specifically to your requirements.