Hydroforming Services

Hydroforming seamlessly molds tight tolerance parts and components of any shape up to 10 inches deep.

Combining hydroforming and spinning is a cost effective method with high quality. The combination of manufacturing in this manner will help you substantially reduce set-up, production and annealing charges.

Metals offered for Hydroforming:
titanium, aluminum, stainless, steel, inconels, copper, brass, bronze, nickel alloys, tantalum, columbium, carbon steel, high tensile, heat resistant alloys

Hydroforming Capabilities:
  • Up to 6 inch deep
  • Presses ranging up to 250 tons of pressure
  • To 15" Diameter Blanks
  • Holding Tight Tolerance
  • All types of Metals
  • Any Form or Shape
  • Any type of Metal
  • Complete Tooling In House
  • Full Service Machining Facilities
Hydroforming combined with metal spinning helps with many your requirements in providing unique shapes that require manufacturing to be intricate or complex